History Walks & Tours

STHS schedules occasional walks through places of historic and natural appeal. In the recent past we have walked past the mills on Mechanic Street and among the headstones of the Solebury Meeting House Graveyard. We have several knowledgeable tour leaders who volunteer to guide the walks and point out houses and places of special note. Past walks which we look forward to doing again include the Cuttalossa Valley, the Phillips Mill district, Carversville, Lumberville, Meetinghouse Road (part of the Upper Aquetong Valley Historic District), Bowman’s Hill and Washington Crossing Park, Pidcock Creek Rd, and Old Carversville Rd.

2022 Cuttalossa Valley Walk – Beauty, Mills and Hard Times CUTTALOSSA WALK Handout

Pictures from the Cuttalossa Walk – click on thumbnail to see larger image

In 2014 in association with the New Hope Historical Society we presented From Slavery to Freedom that included a living history performance with Millicent Sparks portraying Harriet Tubman and a trolley tour of local properties that are known to have been part of the Underground Railroad. (Click to view an interactive map of stops on the tour.)

The summer of 2013 saw us offer, in conjunction with two other local associations, an evening talk on the history of Washington’s army in Solebury and New Hope followed by a weekend trolley tour of the sites the army passed through and used in its 1776 and 1778 campaigns. (Click to view an interactive map of stops on the tour.)

Volunteers to give ideas for and to help organize new tours and talks are always welcome. The organizational energy of one or two people brings joy to many members and community visitors!

Contact us for further details.

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