Ned Harrington Scholarships

Ned Harrington, who passed away in 2009 at age 89, was a long time Carversville resident. After moving to Solebury Township in 1948, Ned was a congenial and productive member of the Carversville Christian Church, the Paunacussing Watershed Association and the Solebury Township Historical Society. As the Society’s resident historian, he played a strong role in qualifying Carversville for historic designation by the commonwealth. Ned not only researched more than 400 old Solebury houses and their histories, but he also left behind a wealth of historical writings on many topics in the township. Pamphlets he authored and his oral history of Carversville may be read and listened to at the Society’s center, the Solebury one-room schoolhouse. His passion for our local history is honored by these scholarships.

NH-SHS criteria:

  • Given to a graduating senior
  • Commitment to the community
  • Favor given when other history courses have been taken
  • Financial need
  • Excellent overall academic record
  • Extra-curricular activities and general appeal of application and personal statement

Please apply through the high school counseling office, who will share all standard applications with STHS.

Please print the STHS application form and fill out completely, including signatures. Applications can be emailed as attachments to or sent to STHS, Drawer 525, Solebury, PA  18963. Give a copy to Mr. Steve Buteux, Assistant Head of School. Application deadline is April 15.

Past Recipients

New Hope-Solebury

2022- Talia Flavin
2019 – Maryna Chuma and Zoe Palau
2018 – Maximilian Chuma
2017 – Kelly Hyland
2016 – Patrick Toohey
2015 – Nicholas Damarodis
2014 – Michaela Glover
2013 – Larissa DePamphilis
2012 – Nicole Garafola
2011 – Tom Hische and Caitlyn Kerr
2010 – Bryant Andrews-Nino
2009 – Caitlyn McMillen
2008 – Christian Rees
2007 – Kaleigh Behe
2006 – Erica Lange
2005 – Evan Rees
2004 – Jack Abolt

Solebury School
2018 – Lorenz Markhoff
2017 – Mei Peng Rizzo
2016 – Macio Sexton
2015 – Kate Voynow and Leah Hunt
2014 – Matthew Angle

Read more about Ned Harrington on the Honored Citizens page. He was given the Society’s Honored Citizen award in 2005.