About Us

The Solebury Township Historical Society was founded in 1981. It is a non-profit, federally tax exempt organization committed to preserving the rich history of Solebury Township through research, interpretation, and education.


The Solebury Township Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of Solebury Township’s world renowned historic and artistic heritage.


The Solebury Township Historical Society’s resources include preserved archives, oral histories, publications, its ca. 1755 schoolhouse headquarters, and the people who work to educate, promote and encourage an appreciation of Solebury Township history. The board of directors and membership volunteers reach out to individuals and businesses in our surrounding communities to provide educational programs, social gatherings, and assist those researching our increasing records of area family and historical information.

2019 Board of Directors

Charlotte Zanidakis – President, Grants
Sue-Ann DiVito – Vice President, Events
Wendy Appleton – Treasurer, Membership
Robert Ainey – Newsletter 
Judith Clarke – Archives
Carol Ann Della Penna – Communications
Darcy Fair – Oral History, Chair
Craig Haney – Oral History, Property Maintenance
Melody Hunt – Art Events
Marnie Newman Leasure – Education


Eric Jacobson – Website
Marilyn Lanctot – Archives
Jill McGlone – Publicity
Ken Odell – TBD
Judy Probert – Scrapbook
Pam Sergey – Archives

Key Documents


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