Interactive Maps

How to use the maps:

  • Cursor over a map icon shows the name.
  • Click for more information.
  • Use the + and – buttons to zoom in or out.

If you use these maps to tour the locations indicated, please be aware that many of these are private homes. The owners were gracious enough to allow the Society to take photos. Please do not drive onto the property or disturb it in any other way.

Solebury Township and New Hope Schools Before 1937

National Historic Places in Solebury Township

Revolutionary War Sites in Solebury Township and Vicinity

Underground Railroad Stops in Solebury Township

With thanks to :

  • the late Ned Harrington for his research and book about the early Solebury Township Elementary Schools
  • Roy Ziegler for his permission to reprint an excerpt from his book
  • the late Edward Hicks Magill for his memoir and his dedication to education
  • Jesse Crooks for his expertise and help with the Underground Railroad
  • Megan Ruffe for her idea to make an interactive map
  • Beth Carrick for her tireless work in making this vision a reality for the STHS