National Historic Districts and Landmarks

Solebury Township is a special place with its wooded hillsides, stream valleys, fertile farmland, and abundant historic sites. As wonderful as local residents think it is, do the historic resources of Solebury Township compare favorable to other communities in Pennsylvania? According to the website of the Pennsylvanna Historical & Museum Commisson, Solebury Township is a leader in historic resources.

There are currently 73 municipalities in the Commonwealth (10 cities, 29 townships, and 34 boroughs). There are a total of 98 National Historic Districts (NHD). Four cities protect 35 of those sites:
Pittsburgh – 12
Philadelphia – 8
Lancaster – 8
Harrisburg – 7

That leaves 63 NHDs in 69 municipalities. Solebury has 6, or about 10% of the remaining districts, more National Historic Districts than any other non-city municipality in Pennsylvania. These districts are:

Centre Bridge
Phillips Mill
Upper Aquetong Valley

Solebury is also a leader in National Historic Landmarks – the highest level of national historic designation. There are eight Landmarks in all of Bucks County, and four of them are at least in part in Solebury Township:  Washington Crossing, Honey Hollow Watershed, Delaware Canal, and the George Nakashima Woodworking Complex

View an interactive map of the locations of nationally recognized properties and districts in Solebury Township.