Edwin Harrington – 2005 Honored Citizen

STHS_Harrington_EdwinWhen Ned Harrington and his wife Betty purchased their Carversville home in 1947 none of their new neighbors realized that an avid historian had settled among them. After having established and run two successful businesses, this quiet, intense man launched into a career that would contribute to Solebury Township in a profoundly meaningful way. Ned always enjoyed studying and writing about local history. Over a period of some 20 years Ned produced a body of work that has proven to be a precious resource for all who care about Solebury Township, especially those who are working to preserve and protect its historic character. One of his first projects was to research his own home, Hillside, which resulted in a 3-volume publication giving the history of his home dating from 1681.

Ned and Betty were active members of the Carversville Christian Church and this interest prompted him to produce a 600-page history of the church. Eventually he completed a publication on the history of all places of worship in the township.

In 1978 he assisted in the research and documentation of Carversville homes for the establishment of the National Historic District and in 2003 Ned updated and enhanced those records. In addition, he wrote a three-volume history of Carversville and the story of the Carversville Hotel. Among his other works are First Homesteaders of Solebury Township, The Annotated Reeder, and the History of Solebury Township.

Ned is Past-President of the Paunacussing Watershed Association and he combined his professional knowledge of water and soils with his writing abilities to help that organization. For many years Ned submitted articles for the New Hope Gazette, and when that paper ceased to exist, he published in the Bucks County Herald.

There are more than 450 homes in Solebury built prior to 1900. After a lifetime of research and writing on the history of Solebury, at age 83 Ned took on the task of researching all the historic buildings in the township. For this project Ned enlisted several assistants to work with him and learn his research methods. Ned passed away before completing the research of all 450 homes, but the results for more than 400 are available from the Society.

Ned was recognized by the Society for his unending devotion to documenting the history of Solebury. His many publications and newspaper articles on the subject serve to remind us all of the historical importance of our township.

Ned Harrington passed away in 2009.

STHS has four oral history interviews of Ned Harrington:  recording 1, recording 2, a recording courtesy of the Michener Art Museum, and a video courtesy of the Historic Carversville Society.