Harriet Curtin Ermentrout

Interviewee: Harriet Curtin Ermentrout
Date of birth/age at interview: Nov. 26, 1915/64
Interviewer: Sharon Donarum
Interview date: summer 1978
Interview location: Harriet’s home
Interview length: 16 minutes
Time span discussed: 1970s

Summary: This student interview of a Newtown, PA, artist follows the question script clearly established by the Bucks County Community College class requirements. There are nice insights into Harriet’s thinking, work joys and preferences, local gallery shows, and her techniques.


Time markers:
00:00 – currently doing landscapes mostly in watercolors, a few pastels
00:40 – occasionally works toward a particular show; discussion of show requirements
02:00 – Phillips’ Mill one of the better shows; works shown in galleries
02:28 – works from sketches for some show, but prefers to work on site
03:05 – sketching before painting to get values and composition; makes color notes on site for studio reference; uses photos for details
04:08 – influence of Italian market on paintings
04:35 – trying to stay away from too many details; references to her composition
05:35 – working on beach or island scenes, sketches initially
06:28 – work habits, activities outside painting
06:00 – in Bucks County because of husband; loves history of the area
08:15 – travels and shows outside Bucks County
09:10 – interactions with other local artists and organizations
10:20 – trips to do paintings
10:40 – continuing education in art classes; socialization in the classes
13:15 – Ed Whitney best art teacher because of full critique of each painting; her class preferences
15:30 – intends to stay in Bucks County

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