Eleanor Levy

Interviewee:  Eleanor Levy
Date of birth/age at interview: unknown
Interviewer:  Jeremy Esche
Interview date:  August 8, 1978
Interview location:  Eleanor’s home
Interview length:  25 minutes
Time span discussed: 1970s

Summary:  Eleanor was a talented artist who mainly illustrated books for both children and adults. This is an insightful interview following set questions and good follow up questions.


Time markers:
00:00 – (abrupt opening)
00:14 – takes many photos to use in work; uses them in work but they stand on their own
01:20 – primarily illustrator of children’s books, but also medical books and others; line work
02:10 – finished work on reading series for Lippencott; multiple artists on project
03:25 – line work for personal use; animals series
03:50 – recorder noise; continues to end
04:15 – always drawn but was not sure what she wanted to do in art; decided to draw and freelance
06:02 – attended New York High School of Art and Design; attended academic college
07:12 – grew up in New York City; much work involved in nature but also does buildings
08:50 – loves Bucks County, why she lives in Solebury
11:06 – New York City and Philadelphia important for art business and what they have to offer
12:20 – moved to Bucks County in 1973; would like to build a house
13:25 – being in Bucks County allows visits to many art shows; near to Princeton
15:30 – Phillips’ Mill show selective, tries to enter every year
16:07 – building her career step-by-step to become an illustrator and book designer
17:15 – started as a studio designer; did freelance
18:20 – works when she wants, not full time all the time
20:20 – comparison of book illustrating/designing and advertising work
21:45 – change of agent
22:30 – currently working on small reader of frontier literature
22:40 – her work process in illustrating a book
23:50 – restrictions and rules in place to illustrate in a politically correct way (1978), illustrative of societal changes; final product—the book—is important, not the artist
25:45 – would be nice to write and illustrate own book
27:18 – inspired by Lautrec, Van Gogh, Daumier

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