Erika Oeschler Luitweiler – 2

Interviewee:  Erika  Oeschler Luitweiler
Date of birth:  1925
Interviewer:  Ivy Silver
Interview date:  July 6, 1978
Interview location:  unknown
Interview length:  8 minutes
Time span discussed:  1975 to 1978

Summary:  This interview of Erika is part of the Bucks County Community College series and covers writing and the feminist point of view at the time the Equal Rights Amendment was being debated in the county. Chronologically it is the second of the three interviews in the Michener Art Museum collection.


Time markers:
00:00 – uncomfortable selling own artwork
00:31 – writing a couplet of poem every night for one year, currently about women; different from Children of New Hope
02:12 – introduced to Equal Rights Amendment
03:15 – New Hope and Buck’s County magic places because of people; feeling something will happen to me here
05:30 – Bucks County becoming more conservative, national trend
06:25 – communication what art is for
07:20 – teaching connected to art

Erika Luitweiler recording 1
Erika Luitweiler recording 3.

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