Erika Oeschler Luitweiler – 3

Interviewee:  Erika Oeschler Luitweiler
Date of birth:  1925
Interviewer:  Louise Collins (WBUX radio show host)
Interview date:  May 10, 1984
Interview location:  Goodnoe restaurant, Newtown, PA
Interview length:  25 minutes
Time span discussed:  1975 to 1984

Summary:  This is the third of three interviews of Ericka, a former New Hope-Solebury Elementary School art teacher. This interview was conducted by Louise Collins of WBUX to publicize the opening of a show of “Art by Bucks County Women, Erika Luiweiler Collection.” She collected 75 works by women and donated the collection to the Bucks County Council of the Arts in 1978. (Editor’s note:

When the Bucks County Council of the Arts became the Michener Art Museum in 1988, it was determined that the collection would not hang there. Erika withdrew the collection from the Michener Art Museum in 1996 and sold it a public auction in 1999. Proceeds were donated to the Doylestown Art League to fund a scholarship for women to study art.)


Time markers:
00:00 – radio show opens
02:14 – interview begins, introduction of show opening at the Bucks County Council of the Arts
03:00 – only two of 100 pieces of the Council collection were by women before donation of this collection; in 1975 women almost totally neglected in the US, impetus to start collection
05:33 – one of first pieces in collection Ann Hall’s Brownsburg Farm; wanted to show elementary students actual art pieces, carrying many pieces to schools not practical so donated to enable many people to see
08:39 – bought so many no room to display at home; story of getting money to buy pieces
11:32 – art by women readily available, showing in places like the Phillips’ Mill and many galleries; visited more galleries to enlarge collection
15:05 – one piece she could not afford; collected many different forms and media, missed montage/collage; Herman Silverman’s contribution
17:46 – Bucks County Council for the Arts only organization that gives art a showcase to the people
18:34 – museum needed in Bucks County to introduce children to art
19:50 – poster for show “quilt” of photos of all 75 pieces
21:27 – many of 55 artists represented attending reception
23:03 – collection all visible in one place at the Rodman house

Erika Luitweiler recording 1.
Erika Luitweiler recording 2.

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