Donald A. Hedges – 2

Interviewee:  Donald A. Hedges
Date of birth/age at interview:  June 3, 1905/72
Interviewer:  Terry Convey
Interview date:  July 1978
Interview location:  unknown
Interview length:  6 minutes
Time span discussed:  1930s to1978

Summary:  This short but focused interview allows the artist to express his love of painting and Bucks County. He points to his age for giving his opinions about artists and Bucks County. This interview compliments the longer interview found on the STHS web site that covers many more details of the artists life, but here we find the strong satisfaction he gets from painting.


Time markers:
00:06 – primarily an architect, painting for 10 years, gives great personal satisfaction
01:10 – arrived in Bucks County during the depression, opened a shop, survived
02:02 – Bucks County a fabulous place to live; County should not subsidize art
03:10 – very little contact with Bucks County artists, came to art late
04:05 – people care about their own lives and work; artists must help themselves
05:20 – Bucks County a place to survive, no expectations or knowledge of potentials
05:50 – would hate to leave Bucks County
06:10 – wishes he knew where work was headed

Donald Hedges recording 1.

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