Richard Magill

Interviewee:  Richard Magill
Date of birth/age at interview:  June 25, 1917/90
Interviewer:  Gary Granzow
Interview date:  Dec. 11, 2007
Interview location:  Carversville Christian Church
Interview length:  40 minutes
Time span discussed:  1940 to 1945

Summary: Dick Magill recounts his World War service in a well prepared video. The first eight minutes of the video are an introduction by Gary Granzow, telling of Dick’s experiences in the war. Dick participated in two invasions:  Oran, North Africa ,the Allies first sea invasion of World War II, and Anzio, Italy. He fought and survived through some extremely difficult battles.

Time markers:
00:00 – Introduction; review of Dick’s army career, the four battles for which he was given battle stars:  Kasserine Pass (twice February 19 and 24, 1943), Anzio, and the Liberation of Rome June 4, 1944; family photos; battle ribbons including Dick’s Bronze Star; Ernie Pyle quote
08:14 – interview begins; employment just before being drafted
08:55 – drafted October 1941, training in Macon, GA, Ft. Knox, KY,  with 1st Armored Division. May 1942 to Ireland
10:37 – November 8, 1942 invasion of Oran, Morocco, Vichy French reaction, French shelled the boats
12:40 – halftrack put on landing craft, drives onto beach
16:13 – beginning of story of sleeping on beach at Anzio
17:14 – Kasserine pass battles
18:00 – more of Anzio story (January 1944) and Monte Casino Monastery, 2/3 of his company lost in one battle
19:10 – sleeping in his truck and a butterfly bomb
21:12 – the British and their humor
22:20 – transport to Ireland on the Queen Mary, mutton stew; on 13 different ships; story of being sent home, difficult transport
28:54 – battle stories
32:50 – earning the Bronze Star
38:51 – his metals and their meaning
40:16 – pays tribute to his original company of 196 men

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