Phoebe Taylor

Interviewee:  Phoebe Taylor
Date of birth/age at interview:  January 5, 1918/60
Interviewer:  Bruce Lazaravich
Interview date:  August 9, 1978
Interview location:  Taylor home in Holicong
Interview length:  21 minutes
Time span discussed:  her life up to 1978

Summary:  In this short interview Phoebe tells of her birth in California and her love of Bucks County. She also explains some of her art techniques.


Time markers:
00:00 – pre interview discussion
00:29 – introduction
00:56 – works in oil paint applied with a palette knife for quick impressions, watercolors, felt-tip pens
02:01 – works in black and white
02:55 – shows sometime, subjects frequently racetracks, stables, and horses, horses are favorite subjects, some portraits
04:11 –writing about historical subjects, about animals requiring research, monthly magazine articles, and articles for museums
06:14 – born in California, been living in Buck’s County 20 years, returned to a farm near mother’s original farm home; mother sample for character in a story
08:44 – visited Bucks County often as a child, still loved it
10:26 – Bucks County trying to do more for artists offers artist’s, does not take advantage
11:30 – seldom travels to New York or Philadelphia for art scene
12:03 – not into art scene to know if competition in Bucks County
13:35 – illustrated and wrote for magazines in Bucks County, some of them no longer in publication, learned a great deal

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