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Edward Fell (STHS)

Ed was a Penobscot Indian who lived in Solebury Township for over 80 years. His memories cover the period 1920 to 2000. Recording and details.

Donald Fitting (STHS)

Don talked to Chase Asplundh, a New Hope/Solebury High School student and Society junior historian, and Linda Metcalf, a former STHS board member, about his life. Don attended the Solebury one-room schoolhouse where his mother taught. Recording and details.

Mildred Randa Klicka (NHHS)

Millie was born in Solebury Township and raised on a dairy farm. She attended local schools and shares many memories of earlier times. Recording and details.

Harold McDonald (STHS)

Harold was a Solebury farmer much involved with the social life in Solebury Township. He managed the Holmquist dairy farm with its small herd of Jersey cows and delivered milk in the area. The interview covers 1933 to 2000. Recording and details.

Joseph Magill (STHS)

Joe was from a long-time Solebury family. He was raised on his family dairy farm. His reminiscences cover the period from 1920 to 2000. Recording and details.

Emma Fell Tinsman (NHHS)

Emma tells many stories about her childhood days on a farm.  The never ending chores around food production are a key feature of this oral history. Emma married William Tinsman, Sr., and is the mother of William, Jr. Recording and details.