Donald Fitting

Interviewee:  Donald Fitting
Date of birth/age at interview:  October 30, 1927/83
Interviewers:  Chase Asplundh, Linda Metcalf
Interview Date:  October-November 2010
Interview location:  Fitting residence
Interview length:  35 minutes
Time span discussed:  1935 to present day

Summary:  Don Fitting was born and raised in Solebury Township. This interview covers the life of a farm family, growing up in a farm community, and many key events that occurred in Solebury Township in the 20th century.


Time markers:
00:00 – review of dates, first of five locations of Doylestown Hospital
01:00 – father a farmer, mother a schoolteacher at Solebury one-room school house, well known to generations of Township citizens
02:20 – milking, bottling, and delivering milk all before school day started
03:40 – World War II, bought custom baler and supplemented income of farm work
05:20 – married 1953; drafted, sent to Korea for 2 years
07:15 – built own house in 6 weeks using a “pre-cut” system popular at the time
08:50 – married Joan Harris
09:00 – bow hunting:  an explanation of the sport and equipment from 1955 to present day; his major trophy is recognized by the state of Pennsylvania
13:30 – education and local school steps
16:30 – playing hooky to fish in canal
17:00 – 4H member 12 to 18 years old, then owning a herd of 9 cows by age 20
18:30 – looking forward to the Doylestown Agricultural Fair
19:00 – young people socializing at “little roadhouse”
20:00 – radio shows
20:10 – food at home: canning, raised pigs, venison
21:00 – shopping at Lambertville “super markets” once every two weeks or so
21:50 – first car bought for cash; gas: 20 cents per gallon
23:00 – WPA builds route 263 from a dirt road, 30 men break up stone for the roadbed
24:00 – phones, party lines
27:20 – 1955 flood: New Hope, bridges; Tinsman Lumberyard marker on building of flood high water mark
28:50 – Tuskarora Oil company pumping station just below Centre Bridge:  20 tanks, view from Fitting farm of oil fires when open tanks got hit by lightning
30:00 – development in Solebury
31:00 – Solebury’s Land Preservation program: Fitting farm was first to sign up, Don’s feelings about preserving the farm and land
32:00 – wildlife in Solebury: deer, coyotes, wild turkeys, pheasants, evolution over time
33:00 – loved living in Solebury

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