Bucks County Documentary, 1977

Host:  Robert L. Green
Topic:  Bucks County
Date:  1977
Filming location:  Lumberville and Carversville
Film length:  14 minutes

Summary:  This is a 1977 video with strong voice over featuring Robert Lamont Green. Robert L. (as he was called by his friends) is clearly promoting our Bucks County scene by dropping names faster than sowing Burpee seeds. Carversville, a few local artists, and Lumberville with the General Store personalities are featured in this “first” chapter.

Robert L. was fashion director of Playboy magazine for over 20 years. He was known for his wit and skills as a raconteur and was famous for his many parties, especially locally for his annual picnic at his summer home in Bucks County

This chapter was shot in summer time, and it is disappointing we only have 14 minutes of an obviously longer series. But we now know it exists and will try to track down whatever may be connected. If you know about this series of videos, please contact us so we can fill in the story.

(Robert Lamont Green information from the New York Times obituary page, July 24, 1997)


Time markers:
00:00 – introduction; “Bucks County, where God would live if he could afford it”; famous residents from the arts, music, and invention world
01:47 – Carversville:  Charles Hargens, Jr.,  illustrator (born 1893, died Carversville 1997); last gas station closes; Carversville Inn, Betty Miller’s store
06:45 – walk over the Carversville bridge to the Ellicott grist mill, owned by Raymond Granville Barger,  sculptor and poet (born 1906, died California 2001)
10:35 – Lumberville:  a drive down Fleecydale road; Tinsman family; Black Bass; Lumberville store, Joe Gordon, store manager and postmaster; Tommy Tinsman’s red caboose home

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