Carversville Residents

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Bucks County Documentary with Robert L. Green, 1977 (HCS)

Robert L (as he was called by his friends) was fashion director at Playboy magazine for over 20 years. He was known for his wit and skills as a raconteur, his famous parties, and especially for the local picnic he hosted annually at his Carversville summer home. His chauffeured yellow Rolls Royce was well known in the county. His life story can be found on the New York Times obituary page July 24, 1997. Video and details.

Ned Harrington (STHS and HCS)

Ned and his wife Betty moved to Carversville in 1947. He was the author of many books about the history of Carversville and Solebury Township. He was responsible for the detailed research of over 400 historic homes in the township. The first interview is on two tapes that cover topics ranging from 1859 to 2000. The video interview was conducted for the Historic Carversville Society, and the Michener Art Museum interview is also available here.  Recording 1 and detailsRecording 2 and details. Video and details.  MAM interview.

Richard Magill (HCS)

Dick Magill was born in Carversville and married a local girl, Ruth Price. Many years after the death of his wife, Dick moved back to Carversville to be with his wife’s sister-in-law, Eleanor Price. (There are two videos in this grouping. The first contains interviews with both Dick and Eleanor. The second is only Dick speaking of his World War II experiences.)   Video 1 and details. Video 2 and details.

Brenda Meredith (HCS)

Brenda has been a resident of Carversville since 1966. She originally lived in Willow Grove, but fell in love with Carversville after traveling through the town a number of times to go boating on the Delaware River. Recording and details.