Nora Lathrop Grimison and Jill Lathrop Karhumaa – 2

Interviewee:  Nora Grimison and Jill Karhumaa
Date of birth/age at interview:  Nora:  1931/82, Jill:  1934/79
Interviewer:  Pamela J. Blake
Interview date:  June 27, 2013
Interview location:  Lathrop family home in Phillips Mill
Interview length:  1 hour, 17 minutes
Time span discussed:  1920s through 1950s

Summary:  A continuation a week later of tape 1, this is a lively and engaging time spent with two sisters, granddaughters of William and Annie Burt Lathrop. They recall stories of their lives including the times of their parents and grandparents. Many local artists, personalities, parties and events are touched upon in flowing, humorous sketches.

Time markers:
00:00:00 – introduction; the sisters relative ages (3 years apart)
00:01:23 – the main Lathrop house’s salon, William remodeled
00:01:44 – Morgan Colt; Arts and Crafts movement; Colt chest at Mill
00:02:58 – how Morgan Colt and family arrived at Phillips Mill via canal; great friendship with William
00:05:12– Colt’s ironworks and Gothic Shop; Mrs. Colt and her parrot
00:07:30 – Colt’s conversion of the piggery into a home: materials used
00:09:30 – Henry Snell (Uncle Harry) brings a monkey: stories about the monkey
00:13:55 – artist and Illustrator Florence Snell, story of her parrot
00:15:48 – Sunday dinner at home; picking up Uncle Harry at the bank building (Starbucks) in New Hope
00:16:11 – stories about Benny, their dog
00:18:31 – Colt’s gift to Granny Lathrop—iron doorstop with monkey image; mother did not like monkey or doorstop
00:21:38 – most children preferred to visit Daniel Garber’s home in Cuttalossa with farm animals and no nasty monkey
00:23:32 – Andy, William’s handyman, gassed World War I soldier, could not speak well
00:24:23 – Lathrop’s parrot imitated everyone very well, especially Andy; Christmas turkey story
00:28:14 – marriage of Julian and Anne
00:28:58 – house remodel by William
00:29:56 – room for parties after prohibition, dancing, teas, and dinners; Nimicks, Childs, other friends
00:31:19 – N. C. Wyeth visited and loved William’s salon; Wyeth family
00:33:02 – William’s sons crewing his boat on the river, did not like
00:36:09 – result of the 1955 flood at Phillips Mill
00:42:35 – Nora and family in one-room schoolhouse on Pidcock Creek Road during flood
00:44:09 – Dr. Darnell family at Lathrop house during flood
00:44:50 – Colligan’s Stockton Inn popular
00:45:00 – John Folinsbee, relationship with William; rode wheelchair from New Hope to Phillips Mill, Ruth Folinsbee friend of mother Anne
00:48:00 – painting hanging in house; Jimmy Reynold’s visits with a friend in yellow Rolls Royce  (possibly Robert L. Green)
00:50:49 – story of their mother’s visit to England, meeting the Prince of Wales
00:53:19 – more about Jack Folinsbee and polio
00:54:15 – picture with Phillips Mill neighbor Bob Miller, Uncle Steve, and Jack Folinsbee
00:57:05 – cousin Julian lives in apartment in house
00:58:00 – Phillips Mill theatre evolution, Jimmy Reynolds, St. John Terrell, Dr. George Marshall; theater people, New Yorker people, S. J. Perelman, Dorothy Parker
01:01:36 – father Julian and his siblings
01:05:00 – “Hanky Panky” Sullivan and Earl Crooker entertaining in the living room; Crooker house in Carversville
01:08:04 – parties at house, skating parties on the canal, bonfires
01:09:05 – William had a fancy bit to him, Palladian windows in his studio
01:10:56 – Uncle Rolf an architect and professor; some art objects from him; salt cellar story
01:13:00 – father Julian traveled to Mexico, collected artifacts
01:14:26 – Peter Cooke, Antiques Roadshow originator, married to a Folinsbee; saltcellar story continues

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