Mildred Hopkins

Interviewee:  Mildred Hopkins
Date of birth/age at interview:  1913/92
Interviewers:  Sally Jagoe, David Benner
Interview date:  2005 (estimated)
Interview location:  Hopkins residence
Interview length:  44 minutes
Time span discussed:  1930 to 2005

Summary:  At the time of the interview Mildred lived on Mechanics Street in New Hope. She was one of the few black women to have lived in New Hope almost her whole life, covering much of the 20th century. Of special note is Mount Gilead Church and Mount Moriah Church for their underground railroad activities, and Quaker Quilt signals to give information to fleeing slaves.  Mildred discusses her membership in the Solebury Farmers Club and gives descriptions of its activities.


Time markers:
01:00 – where she lived on Mechanics Street
02:50 – Farmers Club
03:20 – New Hope, American Store
03:50 – her children
06:35 – 55 years in New Hope
07:40 – war work in factory
10:00 – what was done for fun
12:00 – Mt. Gilead Church on Buckingham Mountain, arbutus ground-cover flowers
17:00 – Underground Railroad
18:41 – Quaker quilts used for signal on Underground Railroad
24:00 – Mt Moriah Church and graveyard on Mechanics Street
29:20 – Segregation in New Hope and Doylestown; Blacks prevented from buying land
33:00 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Mildred always voted Republican
34:20 – Trinity Church
35:00 – Farmers’ Club

Note:  The last 9 minutes of the tape are of poor quality; topics like television programs and medical issues are covered.

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