Irene Mikita

Interviewee:  Irene Mikita (not Arlene Kieta, as the announcer mispronounced the name)
Date of birth/age at interview:  unknown
Interviewer:  Phyllis Kessel, radio announcer WJLK and WFPG, Asbury Park and Redbank, NJ
Interview date:  on or before June 13 and 14, early 1980s
Interview location:  probably radio station studio
Interview length:  10 minutes
Time span discussed:  early 1980s

Summary:  This short radio show/interlude by Phyllis Kessel’s called “Lady’s Talk” appears  to have been a five-minute insert into another program. Irene promotes the New Hope Historical Society, the Parry Mansion, and New Hope with its restaurants and antiques shops. This promotion/interview was possibly done at one go; however, it was broadcast over two days.


Time markers:
Day one, June 13
00:00 – introduction, announcer misnames interviewee as Arlene Kieta
01:30 – advertisement
02:15 – the Parry Mansion and its tour, 10 rooms on display from 5 different periods
04:24 – conclusion of day one
Day two, June 14
05:09 – introduction
05:20 – directions from New Jersey locations to New Hope
06:21 – Parry Mansion tour cost and information
07:27 – other New Hope attractions, canal boat rides, dining, Bucks County Playhouse, restaurants, motels (most mentioned by name
09:00 – wrap-up of show

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