Harold McDonald

Interviewee:  Harold McDonald
Date of birth/age at interview:  approximately 1904/97
Interviewers:  Sally Jagoe, David Benner
Interview date:  February 28, 2001
Interview location:  McDonald residence
Interview length:  47 minutes
Time span discussed:  1933 to 2000

Summary:  Harold was a Solebury farmer who was much involved in the Township’s social life. In 1932 Harold’s sister asked him to move from his home in Fredericktown, OH, to Solebury.  His sister’s husband wanted help in managing the Habberman dairy farm on Route 263 and Creamery road. (In 2001 this was called the McClintock farm.) Soon after settling in Solebury Harold met Lelah Connor, who also lived on a Creamery Road farm. He courted her at local square dances, church socials, and double dates, until they married in 1934.

Harold was hired by Miss Holquist to manage her farm and small herd of Jersey cows.  After early morning milking and sterilizing duties, Harold would deliver milk along New Hope’s main streets. There were additional customers in Lambertville, NJ, until the state passed laws banning non-pasteurized milk.

Besides touching on the life and work of a farmer in Solebury, this interview focuses on the social life of the times with mention of many Solebury citizens and groups like friends from church, the Solebury Farmers Club, and the Carversville Grange.


Time markers:
00:35 – Solebury school board supervisor 1956, 6 year term (not yet combined with New Hope)
03:00 – moved from Ohio to Solebury; misc. family history conversation
06:19 – Louise Holmquist’s Chapel road dairy farm
07:00 – raw milk, deliver route in New Hope
11:00 – Feb. 23, 1934, married girl from farm next door
13:10 – a local businessman’s Ponzi scheme
20:30 – how snow covered roads were cleared in 1933
22:30 – World War II; rationing of many items
26:00 – work horses breeds
30:00 – Bucks County Community College: his work there for 12 years until retirement; machinery; Magill’s tractor and equipment store on route202
39:20 – floods of 1938 and 1955
42:30 – Farmers Club, Solebury Men’s Club, Carversville Grange
44:00 – various local people and names


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