Grant Emery – 3

Interviewee:  Grant Emery
Date of birth:  circa 1890
Interviewer:  C. P. “Bill” Yoder, canal historian
Interview date:  February 20, 1969
Interview location:  Emery home
Interview length:  6 minutes
Time span discussed:  1897 to 1912

Summary:  This third short interview with Grant Emery contains stories about boats caught in the ice and two favorite boatmen stops along the canal, the Milk House and the Cake and Beer House.


Time markers:
00:00 – story about boats caught in canal ice, December 15, 1897; some frozen in near the Milk House on 9 mile level
02:45 – 40 mules needed to haul the boats out, ice broken by ice breakers
03:30 – ice boards on boats
04:15 – on the canal 1904 to 1912
05:00 –Beer and Cake House (actually Cake and Beer House) 7 mile level below Lumberville, near Eagle Island

Grant Emery interview 1.

Grant Emery interview 2.

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