George Trivellini

Interviewee:  George Trivellini
Date of birth/age at interview:  1919/59
Interviewers:  John Sutton and Teri Hughes
Interview date:  August 2, 1978
Interview location:  unknown
Interview length:  26 minutes
Time span discussed:  1948 to 1978

Summary:  A confident artist, George gives insights into his views on creativity and the New York and Bucks County market place for the professional artist.


Time markers:
00:00 – important not to follow a trend, must say something differently
02:40 –in Bucks County 30 years, very enjoyable, stimulating
03:24 – qualified people inspire each other, can keep you on the right track
04:10 – intellectual atmosphere in Bucks County, international writers, constantly meets new people
06:08 – easier to compete with other artists in Bucks County, competition is higher in New York
07:15 – multiple galleries to sell his work
08:40 – general public does not have good taste for art, what is good taste?  must see good art to become sophisticated
10:20 – abstract works take longer to be accepted
11:31 – indistinct
12:10 – most work now on commission, last two will not be seen in Bucks County
12:57 – exhibits in Princeton, does not concentrate on shows in Bucks County, privacy important for concentration, best to have galleries do the PR and sales work
15:04 – must relate to a scene or sculpture to like it
16:30 – Bucks County needs focal point to draw cultivated art buyers, many artists do not show here
18:23 – indistinct, interviewer speaking
19:58 – New York or other city best for young person, art atmosphere nowhere else, once established can live anywhere
21:37 – interviewer talks
22:18 – to become good illustrator must work in a studio, start with sketch pad
22:45 – work under pressure good training, think positively, work with confidence; when worked turned down helps artists to learn, then redo

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