Carol Barany

Interviewee:  Carol Barany
Date of birth/age at interview:  November 10, 1935/43
Interviewer:  Bruce Lazarovich
Interview date:  June 19, 1978
Interview location:  unknown
Interview length:  13 minutes
Time span discussed:  her career, 1966 to interview

Summary:  This short interview of Carol Barany delivers depth on the topics of artists’ communication in Bucks County, the interaction of artist and sitter during portrait painting, and the cultural evolution of Bucks County due to development and population growth.


Time markers:
00:21 – painter, uses different media
01:46 – started painting about 1966
02:06 – lived in Bucks County most of her life; encouraging living among other artists, competition demands you improve
03:10 – no financial support from Bucks County; new Council of the Arts and Doylestown Arts League
04:40 – the need to visit Philadelphia and New York, visit galleries, keep from getting stale
06:31 – the artist’s portrait work, exciting and demanding; emotional aspect of painting portraits
08:38 – competition among artists, necessary to grow
09:12 – growth of culture in Bucks County
10:10 – artists involvement with others, nature of work is isolating
11:50 – preference for living in Bucks County

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