Margaret Mullen Root

Interviewee:  Margaret Mullen Root
Date of birth/age at interview:  August 28, 1910/about 77
Interviewer:  Joan Stack
Interview date:  about 1987
Interview location:  Conti’s Cross Keys Restaurant
Interview length:  26 minutes
Time span discussed:  1926 to 1987

Summary:  Maggie talks to WBUX’s Joan Stack in a warm interview about her accomplished Broadway acting career, marriage, and life in Bucks County.


Time markers:
00:00 – introduction; Maggie as actress Margaret Mullen, 20 shows Maggie worked in starting in 1926, Dead End, Room Service, Three Men and a Horse, State of the Union;
03:49 – being fired from Time of Your Life, William Saroyan
07:05 – advertisement
08:52 – met John Root, set designer, on set of Red Harvest, married 6 weeks later in Doylestown; came to Bucks County often; wedding breakfast at the Cuttalossa Inn
15:38 – married in 1937, about to celebrate 50th anniversary
16:00 – moved to Bucks County after children born; John kept working in New York, evolved into a designer of old barns as homes
17:45 – kept two homes; acted every season 1947 to 1969 at Bucks County Playhouse
19:19 – poetry readings to high school students
22:24 – reading for Delaware Music Club
24:40 – advertisement
25:35 – final comments and thanks

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