Aquetong Creek

In April 2019, about 3 years after the dam came down, photos record how the “cutting in” of the stream has progress to the level of 2-3 feet deep in some sections. Oxbow turns, mini rapids, the appearance of old tree trunks (probably 175 years old!), vegetation like water cress and clean, clear, cold water characterize the revitalized stream bed. Photos by Don Schoenleber.

The park development has slowed due to the invasion of Emerald Ash Borer and Lantern Fly insects which have destroyed up to 1000 trees. The Township has set up a program to remove these trees and replace them with a variety of sapling, native trees which will not succumb to the insects. The photos and maps below show the tree area in January 2019 “before” the removal. As time progresses we will post the “after” view of the cleaned up area. Photos by Don Schoenleber.