The Birth of a Park

The work of turning the lake area and surroundings into a park is not as easy as it sounds. Money must be allocated; environmental and geologic studies must be concluded; architectural plans must be drawn; approvals must be gotten; and then the work can begin. 

But trees can be planted anytime. When the dam was being removed, the township received a generous donation of large trees that were planted on the west edge of the lake bed and on the lawn of the Judy house. In November 2016, the next phase of turning the land into a usable park began. Making use of a grant to buy 100 trees, Supervisor Jim Searing led a project to plant those trees. The west end of the lake bed had settled enough that the trees could be planted there. On November 5 twenty residents arrived at the Judy house at 9:00 a.m. and completed planting the trees by noon. The trees include oaks, sycamores, red buds, dogwoods, and many other varieties. 

Tree Planting,  November 5, 2016