Paul Lanctot, VMD – 2012 Honored Citizen

STHS_Lanctot_PaulDr. Paul Lanctot graduated in 1963 as a VMD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. After a few years “doctoring” in Vermont and Massachusetts, he moved back to Pennsylvania and started work at the Delaware Valley Animal Hospital. In 1969 Paul moved to New Hope and established the first small animal practice in the area. He also worked as a Deputy Waterways Patrolman in the early 1970’s, patrolling the river for litterers and improperly registered boaters. However, he gave that up as he hated to ruin a family’s weekend by arresting them because their boat was not registered. In addition he drove emergency trucks for the Eagle Fire Department for 23 years.

From the very beginning Paul worked with the Bucks County SPCA, making available his surgical equipment, medicines, x-rays, and expertise. He has also volunteered with AARK, Mercer County Wildlife Center, and Washington Crossing Nature Center, making the same resources available to them and assisting with rehabbing animals to return to the wild. One of Paul’s outstanding achievements was the development of a specialized mask for anesthetizing birds. Birds can be very difficult to treat, but this mask allowed him to rehab many of our avian friends that otherwise would not have survived their injuries. His wife Marilyn swears that the red-tailed hawks that hang around their house are the descendants of Paul’s original hawk success story.

Paul sold his practice after 32 years and headed off to retirement. But he didn’t get very far. Paul can still be found helping out at the SPCA or at one of the local practices for whom he consults.