Jane Hess – 2006 Honored Citizen

“She was a person with the will, knowledge and unselfishness to galvanize large numbers of residents into action for a worthy cause,” Joe Duffy said of Jane Hess. Jane showed her devotion to land and historic preservation in Solebury in many ways. In the 60s and 70s Jane organized opposition to a plan for a Route 202 expressway proposed to cut through the very heart of the township. At the same time, she held off PECO’s high power transmission line until they agreed to consider environmental factors in the placement of their line through Solebury. In addition, Jane galvanized landowners along Meetinghouse Road to agree not to develop their properties. This undertaking provided the nucleus of an open space program that has preserved thousands of acres in the township. One can only imagine how different Solebury would be today if it weren’t for Jane’s tenacity.

Jane Hess passed away in 1996.