Maude Cathers – 2

Presenter:  Maude Cathers
Date of Birth:  1904
Topic:  A typical school day in a 1930s two-room schoolhouse
Date of presentation:  November 1, 2000
Presentation location:  Thompson Memorial Church, Farmers Club Meeting
Presentation length:  41 minutes
Time span discussed:  1930s

Summary:  This is a video of Mrs. Cathers when she was 97 years old. She held a pretend school day of first, second, and third grades with some of her actual students from the 1930s scripted by Joan Fitting. The final 14 minutes of the video contain an informative question and answers dialogue with the audience.

Actual former students recorded include Don Fitting, Sue Benner and Malcolm Crooks. The audience consisted of Farmers’ Club members and STHS members. Those shown include Joan Fitting, Sally Jagoe, Elaine Crooks, Sue Benner, David Benner, Karen Murphy, and Maude Large.


Time markers:
04:06 – Maude commences class
08:00 – Pledge of Allegiance
08:30 – list of student’s chores around school
09:30 – student assignments by grade and teaching example
26:35 – question and answers for audience
31:53 – list of one room schoolhouses and Solebury’s three-year high school program

Video donated to STHS by Anne Bishop, past Solebury Elementary School teacher.

Maude Cathers recording 1.

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