Erma Newhart

Interviewee:  Erma Newhart
Date of birth/age at interview:  1918/66
Interviewer:  Judy Creamer
Interview date:  July 26, 1984
Interview location:  Newhart house in Holicong
Interview length:  34:22
Time span discussed:  1920s to present day (1984)

Summary:  A review of New Hope from a resident of the town that points up many of the towns features in her younger days. The school memories and information about school days play an important part of this interview. Erma gives her insights into the difference in sophistication between the town and the country students once they met at high school as well as the impact of new students who moved into New Hope’s schools. Erma eventually became a teacher herself, but her career was not much discussed.


Time markers:
00:00 – born in bank building corner of Bridge and Main streets
01:20 – trolley on River Road, bus fare to Doylestown
01:40 – stores in New Hope, A&P, American Store
02:40 – trolley over bridge to Lambertville
03:40 – stores in New Hope
03:40 – school on hill above Mechanics Street (now Kehilat HaNahar )
05:00 – school eventually a restaurant
05:50 – games children played:  running and chasing games, 3D, Flying Dutchman
09:00 – unique visitors to school to show culture: Indian chief, Scotsman in kilt
10:20 – one-room school, integration with country people at high-school level
12:20 – Girl Scouts meetings
12:30 – senior year high-school trip to Washington, DC
14:50 – teacher’s training
18:00 – radio’s impact on people
19:00 – teacher’s deportment, clothes
22:00 – only single women hired as teachers; pregnant teachers must take leave
23:40 – canal boats
23:40 – Solebury School, sports competition
25:20 – winter clothes
26:00 – sledding on Ferry Street to the river
27:50 – stores in New Hope reviewed in more detail; Hoffman’s Dress shop in Lambertville
29:00 – Bucks County Playhouse opening changed town, brought tourists
30:00 – library in bank building, Bridge and Main streets
31:10 – Public Health nurses service, appointments at their offices
31:50 – doctors in New Hope by name

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