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The books listed below are available at the Society headquarters in the schoolhouse at the corner of North Sugan and Rt. 263. The schoolhouse is open on Wednesday from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Or you can order the books on line and have them shipped. To order by phone for pick up at the schoolhouse, call 215 297 5091 and leave a message.  To order on line for shipping, click on the title of the book. (Note: At the bottom of the page there is a selection of free books available for you to read or print.)

Author: Willis Rivinus

STHS_OldMills_RivinusWill has lived in Solebury since the early 1950s. His books focus on the stories of our historic small towns and unique stories of the Township and Buck County. You can read more about Will as a Society Honored Citizen.   Most of Will’s books area available free. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to access them. His latest book is available for sale. Click on the book title to order or call 215 297 5091.

Old Mills of New Hope-Solebury, The rise and fall of an industrial dynamo 1750-1850; History of the mills with maps and photos; 2013; $21.00

Author: John Rees

John is a local historian who writes article on American history. Click on the book title to order or call 215 297 5091.

The Monmouth Campaign: Delaware River Crossing; History of the march from Valley Forge to Monmouth during the American Revolution; $12.00

Author: Col. John Richardson

John was a long-term Solebury resident. Click on the book title to order or call 215 297 5091.

Solebury Township; An excellent review of the township and many past, prominent citizens; $21.00

Authors:  Phillips’ Mill Community Association

This art catalog was put together by the Mill 75th anniversary art committee. Click on the book title to order or call 215 297 5091.

Phillips Mill: Celebrating 75 years of Art: Catalog featuring 90 artists, past and present, from 75 years of the Phillips’ Mill Art Show; $26.50


Free books for you to read here or print

To facilitate the downloads of these books, those that contain a large number of pages are divided into smaller sections.


Author:  Edwin Harrington

Ned authored a number of historical writings on many Solebury Township and Revolutionary War topics. As the Society’s resident historian, he played a strong role in qualifying Carversville for historic designation by the State. In addition Ned researched and documented the histories of more than 400 old Solebury houses. You can read more about Ned as a Society Honored Citizen. The Society no longer offers Ned’s books for sale, but some of these books are being retyped and added here as they are completed.  In addition, all of Ned’s books are available to be read at the schoolhouse on Wednesday afternoon.

Hendricks Island
Mapping Solebury Township
Solebury Township – The Delaware Canal

Authors: George S. Havens and Mary Ely Havens

George and Mary Havens lived on River Road near Limeport. Mary was from an old Solebury family that owned property in the area.

In the Vicinity of Limeport

Author:  Willis M. Rivinus

Will Rivinus is an author, historian, and preservation activist who has been a resident of Solebury Township for over 50 years. And over all those years he has read, researched, and written about the history of Solebury Township and surrounding areas. His published books are available here for you to read on line or print.

Centre Bridge
Early Taverns of Bucks County   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4
Guide to the Delaware Canal8th edition
New Hope, Pennsylvania   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
Old Stonework in Bucks County 
Phillips Mill – cradle for the arts in Bucks County
William Penn and the Lenape Indians

Authors:  Fifth and sixth grade Social Studies Enrichment students of New Hope-Solebury Elementary School.

During the school year of 1981-1982, the fifth and sixth grade social studies enrichment students of New Hope-Solebury Elementary School conducted an archaeological dig on the site of the Center Hill one-room schoolhouse, today the home of the Solebury Township Historical Society. At the same time, the students interviewed seven residents of the area, some of whom were teachers, about their schooling and their lives. These interviews offer insightful memories that take us from as early as 1909 through the 1960s.

There Was a Time When ……

Author:  P. Alston Waring

In 1973 Alston Waring wrote a history of Honey Hollow. He was the owner of one of the Honey Hollow farms, and he and four others banded together to protect the viability of their farmland, which because of its hilly nature was subject to erosion. In 2003 the Society named these five families Honored Citizens for the foresight and determination to protect the land.

The Story of Honey Hollow and the Origins of the Conservation Movement in Pennsylvania


Author:  Phoebe Taylor

Phoebe Taylor was a multi-talented woman whose family had deep ties in Bucks County. Although she was raised in California, throughout her childhood she and her family visited the Holicong area where her grandmother and aunts lived. In 1960 she moved to Holicong where she raised her family and boarded her beloved horses. Her talents included drawing, illustrating, writing, painting, gardening, and horsemanship. During the later years of her life she self-published and sold a number of small books and very charming pamphlets that featured her writing and drawings. These works bring close the early 20th century farming and country life for which Bucks County is rightfully famous. Friends recall Phoebe Taylor’s dedication to her Quaker life and her love of riding every day. Her love of horses and keen eye for detail comes across in her skillful drawings. STHS is pleased to present copies of her work that we have in hand. Many of the houses, farms, and scenes that illustrate there books remain the same today, but we benefit from seeing them through her eyes. In addition you can listen to her oral history recording.

Bucks County Farm Stories, from the Recollections of Miriam Broadhurst
Country Recipes from Bucks County Old and New, 3d Edition
Elwood’s Special Christmas Greetings*
The Frightened Horse*
A Gardener’s Notebook
Herbs of the Bible
Horse Language**
More Country Recipes from Bucks County from Bucks County Old and New
The Story of a Thistle*
Sundown in Bucks County, Winter**
The Three Wishes**
Tiger, a Very Important Dog*

* Appropriate for young children
**Appropriate for older children

Thanks to Sally Jagoe, whom Phoebe always addressed as “Sally Grant,”  for sharing these books and her memories with STHS.


Author:  Phoebe Taylor

Phoebe published two cookbooks with recipes from her family and friends. The pencil illustrations in both books are priceless.

Country Recipes from Bucks County Old and New, 3d Edition
More Country Recipes from Bucks County from Bucks County Old and New

Publisher: Trinity Episcopal Church, Solebury

Bucks Cooks was an enormous gastronomic and fund-raising success when published in 1950 by the Women’s Auxiliary of Trinity Chapel in Solebury. Parish members, iconic artists, personalities, and local residents all contributed recipes, art work, calligraphy, and time to make this and the second volume published in 1983 an overwhelming success selling 65,000 copies in a township of less than 7,500 homes! Trinity Church is a neighbor of STHS in Solebury Village and the vestry has graciously granted us permission to include these two cookbooks on our website. Our thanks go to the vestry and members of the church.

In the late 1940s, the congregation of Trinity Chapel was growing and needed to make improvements to the physical plant. In 1949 to help raise money for some of these projects, the Women’s Auxiliary of Trinity Chapel began work on Bucks Cooks. This was to be a hand-lettered cookbook with recipes contributed by parishioners and others in the community. Pearl Buck, Paul Whiteman, St. John Terrell, and Ann Elstner Matthews (Stella Dallas) were some of the famous people who contributed recipes. Illustrations were done by 22 local artists including some from the New Hope School. Calligraphy classes were held for nine volunteers who did the lettering of the recipes. Bucks Cooks was published in 1950 and was a huge success. Over the years it had ten printings and sold 55,000 copies.

In 1982 the parish decided to publish a second cookbook with the same theme. New recipes were collected, local artists again contributed illustrations, and volunteers learned calligraphy and did the lettering. Bucks Cooks II was published in 1983 with 10,000 copies being printed and sold. It contains recipes by James A. Michener, Ezra Stone, and Jan Berenstain among others, and you will also find the recipe for Trinity’s famous decorated Christmas cookies that have been sold by the church every year since the late 1940s. Both editions of Bucks Cooks are now out of print.

(Note: There was no alphabetical index for the original Bucks Cooks until Bucks Cooks II was created. That index is included here with the first book for your convenience. The page numbers refer to their position in book II.)

The files created for these books are quite large. To facilitate opening on your computer, they have been broken into two parts each.

Bucks Cooks     Part A     Part B
Bucks Cooks II     Part A     Part B