Richard F. Carlson – 2013 Honored Citizen

STHS_Carlson_RichardDick Carlson, a resident of Savannah Georgia, moved to Solebury in 2007. He purchased Rolling Green Farm at Aquetong and Lower York Road. The property contains an 18th century stone house and barn once owned by the Paxson family. Dick did not know a single soul in Solebury, but having a real appreciation for the history of the area and wishing to meet his neighbors, he came to our New Year’s Brunch several years ago.

Dick joined the Society and quickly became a valued member and volunteer, helping wherever he was needed — unpacking books, moving furniture, helping with filing, and sweeping the walk to the schoolhouse. He even volunteered the use of his property for our annual picnic. He offered the use of his beautiful stone barn, but realized that it needed extensive renovations. So with the able assistance of a local builder who specializes in barn restoration, the barn now can and does provide a venue for many non-profit group events from art shows to dances.

Some of the organizations, in addition to the Solebury Township Historical Society, that have benefited from Dick’s generosity are: Bucks County SPCA, Trinity Church, Friends of the Delaware Canal, New Hope Historical Society, Heritage Conservancy, and PA/NJ Rotary Club – all at no cost to the organizations.

Dick lives in Solebury from late spring to fall and retreats to Savannah in the winter, but he certainly has proven himself to be a very good citizen and deserving to be named Honored Citizen of Solebury.