Maude Cathers-Pittore – 2003 Honored Citizen

STHS_Cathers-Pittore_MaudeMaude Cathers-Pittore was born in 1903 on a farm in Plumstead Township, not far from Lumberville. The Cathers family moved to Solebury Township and Maude attended the Green Hill two-room schoolhouse. In high school she decided to become a teacher. She enrolled in an exchange program and was sent to South America where she studied extensively.

In 1922 at age 18 Maude started teaching at the two-room schoolhouse at Sawmill and Aquetong roads. She took required courses at West Chester State Teachers College and completed her degree. In 1938 she and her students were transferred to the Solebury Elementary School, our one-room schoolhouse at the corner of Route 263 and Aquetong. In 1954 she was appointed principal of the elementary school. For almost fifty years Maude taught many generations of Solebury children. The Solebury community and its children are richer for her service.

Maude Cathers-Pittore passed away in 2003.

STHS has two oral history interviews of Maude Cathers-Pittore:  recording 1, recording 2.