Marilyn Gerold – 2005 Honored Citizen

STHS_Gerold_MarilynMarilyn Gerold founded the Make Believe Players in 1961, which was not your usual children’s theater. Marilyn demanded and got the very best from her young actors. She wrote the script, music, and lyrics for modern adaptations of classic fairy tales for the group to perform. She started her own successful professional career in the Broadway musical theater at age 8, and her main interest was giving children the opportunity to perform. She employed leading area artists to construct and paint scenery. Most of the costumes were produced in New York.

A number of Marilyn’s “kids” went on to make their living in the entertainment business, in the theater and films or in teaching and coaching. All who participated in the program over its 40-year history, without any charge, say what a wonderful experience it was. The summer plays were held in the Gerold’s back yard on Ely Road, with winter performances at the mill at Phillips’ Mill. She also took the theater on the road to Yardley, Trenton, Philadelphia, Westport, CT, and the Tomi Theater in New York.

Marilyn gave unselfishly of her time, professional talent, and resources to provide many children an opportunity to experience theatre.

Marilyn Gerold passed away in 2003.