Leila Diamond – 2002 Honored Citizen

STHS_Diamond_LeilaDr. Leila Diamond was a nationally recognized virologist, specializing in chemical and viral carcinogens. She served as president of Women in Cancer Research and was active in many local organizations.

In the course of her 50 year career, Leila divided her work at two of the nation’s foremost cancer research centers – beginning at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Center in New York and later at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. During her 30 year tenure at Wistar, she was the recipient of continuous grants from the National Institute of Health to further her research. Her field of expertise included the effects of chemical and viral carcinogens in the development of cancers. She took great satisfaction in knowing that the scientific research on early detection with which she was involved had greatly increased the remission rates for many types of cancer.

Leila also served as a faculty member and lecturer at the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Throughout her career, she encouraged women to excel in the sciences.

Leila was involved in many community activities including the Free Library of New Hope and Solebury, the New Hope Historical Society, and Planned Parenthood of Bucks County.  She symbolizes the countless number of people who keep our volunteer organizations running smoothly.

Dr. Leila Diamond passed away in 1999.