Gwen Davis – 2011 Honored Citizen

STHS_Davis_GwenFollowing a visit to Bucks County in the late 1960s, Gwen Davis fell in love with Solebury Township, moved to the area, and became active in preservation efforts in the area.  Her first position was as a staff member of  the “America the Beautiful Fund,” a grass-roots preservation group. This was quickly followed by working with the Buckingham Township Historic survey of its properties over 50 years of age. This was a time when the township was being heavily threatened with development.

Gwen Davis has a very long history with the Solebury Township Historical Society. When the Society was formed in 1981 she served as the executive director for 7 years. During her tenure she was instrumental in securing National Historic District status for the villages of Centre Bridge, Lumberville, and Phillips Mill.  Before she finished three more villages had this distinction, Carversville, Cuttalossa, and Upper Aquetong Valley.  Solebury Township has the most places on the Historic Register of any municipality in the state.

Gwen graduated from Russell Sage College in 1959 with a Bachelor of Science degree. An accomplished equestrian, she was a member of the National Equestrian Team, the National Audubon Society, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the United States Retired Veterans, and locally, the Trinity Church choir.

Gwen always finds time to provide transportation to neighbors and friends who can no longer drive. When the Society became active again in 1999, Gwen joined as a board member and has been serving and guiding us for many years. She serves as an archivist and on the Honored Citizens committee. (It was not easy to sneak this award past her!) Gwen is a credit to our Society and to the community.