Georges Duval – 2005 Honored Citizen

STHS_Duval_GeorgesGeorges Duval founded the Solebury Township Historical Society in 1981 and served as its president for many years. Georges put his all into the organization, working to ensure the naming of Solebury’s first three national historic districts.

Georges and his family lived on Cuttalossa Road for many years. He purchased the Daniel Garber property and eventually converted the remains of a mill into his family home. He deeded the gravel road portion of Cuttalossa Road to the township with the condition that it remain a gravel road. He also gifted land in the valley to the township for preservation.

Georges extensively researched and recorded the industrial history of the Cuttalossa Valley, and as an engineer he made drawings of the mill sites along the creek. The drawings were included in the book Cuttalossa by Will Rivinus.

Georges Duval passed away in 1995.